What we do

The Cooperative Management Board fosters opportunities to recognize and honour Inuit knowledge and the special historical and cultural relationship between Inuit and the territory of the park. Inuit are leaders in the management and operation of the park.

Tongait KakKasuangita SilakKijapvinga was established to protect a representative example of the natural and cultural heritage resources of northern Labrador. The Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station was created to promote this same purpose. The base camp permits scientific researchers to conduct ecological, wildlife and geological research as well as weather monitoring, in close collaboration with Inuit. The Kangirdluasuk Student Program operates every summer at the base camp to encourage the participation of Inuit youth in the park’s different research activities.

Tongait KakKasuangita SilkKijapvinga also provides opportunities for Inuit, visitors and tourism operators to better understand and share this unique part of Canada. Sharing the Inuit story is vital for connecting Inuit, visitors and Canadians to the park’s territory and for fostering an understanding of the cultural and historical significance of this Inuit homeland.

In these roles, Inuit consider the park to be an important contributor to the social and economic well-being of the region.