Inuit homeland

Tongait KakKasuangita SilakKijapvinga is a place of rugged coastline, deep fjords, steep mountain ranges – it is a place where wildlife abounds. This national park is an important part of the Inuit homeland. It is a place where Inuit say “Alianattuk”, which means “this is a good place to be”.

Evidence of Inuit history is found throughout the park. The plant and wildlife species in this region have permitted Inuit to survive for millennia. Inuit have an inherent connection to this land and they continue to hunt, fish and travel here throughout the year.

Tongait KakKasuangita SilakKijapvinga was established because the Inuit of Nunatsiavut and the Inuit of Nunavik recognize the opportunity to protect for all time this important portion of their ancestral homeland. The Makivvik Corporation and the Nunatsiavut Government wish to see growth in the number of Inuit who connect with the park and spend time on their land. The park represents an important tool to allow Inuit to protect, pass down and share their culture.